• Training For Managers

    We’ve trained more than 50% of managers from the Fortune 1000 companies. With a worldwide presence, our management coach training program is the undisputed leading, award winning program on the planet. After all, we created this niche. While often imitated, we’re never duplicated, nor are our results.


  • Sell More..Faster! Coach Your Customers To Succeed™

    Traditional Sales training is dead. The evolution in selling is transforming your sellers and account managers into great coaches. You heard it here first so don’t be fooled by a cheap copy. Sustain your competitive edge within your industry – or play catch up with century old sales techniques that everyone else is using.


  • In The Media

    Profit Builders and Keith Rosen have been featured in the media countless times and are often relied upon as the subject matter experts in the field of coaching, selling and leadership development.


  • Some of Our Valued Clients

    Pick a leader in any industry. Chances are, they’ve chosen Profit Builders as their provider of sales training and management coach training. The top global sales organizations have chosen our proven coaching framework they want each manager in their organization to use when coaching their direct reports.


  • Executive Sales Coaching Experts

    We’re on a mission to put integrity back into the coaching profession. Would you hire a doctor who never went to medical school or successfully practiced on a patient? Why hire a sales coach or executive coach who’s never managed anyone or sold successfully before and who’s coaching you from a script? Work with our team of authentic, seasoned managers, sales professionals AND certified sales coaches and executive coaches to experience measurable results from effective coaching. We’ll coach you to drive greater results, improve your career, build a high performance team, uncover new selling opportunities and close more business faster.


  • What Top Managers Do

    Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions - Delivered hundreds of times throughout over 35 countries on 6 continents for the world’s leading global sales organizations. If your company is serious about building a coaching culture that can be sustained over time and produce a measurable Return on Investment, let us save you the time of trying to figure it out internally.
    We already have the magic formula when it comes to transforming your managers into great coaches and we’re ready to share it with you. Let us show you how your managers can drive more sales, increase profitability, make best practices stick and enhance shareholder value.


  • Traditional Sales Training is Dead

    Evolution of Selling – Coaching Customers to Succeed™
    If you’re looking for a new sales methodology when it comes to selling, or more specifically, prospecting, cold calling, presenting or closing the sale, Profit Builders is the first to drive this transformation. Sellers need to become great coaches.
    The best salespeople are coaching their customers to succeed.
    If you’re looking for the same repackaged sales training that’s been out there for over 100 years, we’re not the company for you.
    Innovate or die. We can help secure your new competitive edge.


We're Fanatical About Increasing Your Sales

That's why almost half of the Fortune 1000 Companies and the top companies in six major industries chose our solutions. We deliver Executive Coaching, Sales Training, Sales Coaching & management coach training developed by the globally recognized authority on sales and sales management and award winning author, Keith Rosen. The two most important business initiatives today: acquiring and retaining customers. To do so, you need to make your salespeople and sales managers more valuable. This is achieved through better sales training and executive coaching. Discover how you can bring in more prospects, close more sales and develop a team of sales champions. Learn more about our executive sales coaching and sales management coach training programs available for salespeople and managers here. Have Keith Rosen in your corner as your executive coach. The past few years have been exciting times for Profit Builders. Keith has been teaching and leading professionals to higher goals all over the world. Keith's recent speaking, teaching and coaching engagements have included South Africa, Rome, Italy, Paris, London, Tokyo, Madrid, Lisbon, Munich, Brussels and Mexico City. Now specializing and offering new updated programs in manager coaching, sales training, sales coaching, executive coaching, training for managers, training for leaders, leadership coaching, leadership training, cold calling training and time management training. Our programs are designed to give you a proven partner in your success.

Leaders in Management Training Worldwide

• Read Keith's coaching blog for management tips, executive coaching, management advice and manager coaching videos.
• Receive Keith's newsletter, The Winners Path.
• Special offer on the award winning, Coaching Salespeople into Champions for executives & sales managers, recently named one of Selling Power's Top Ten Books To Read in 2010 and the Sales Leadership Book of the Year!
• Build a high performance sales team through coaching.
• Speed up your sales cycle and get people to buy from you.
• Utilize a proven selling strategy through our sales training to close more sales and fill your pipeline with new prospects.
• Keep your team motivated and productive with Keith Rosen's award winning sales management coach training programs.
• Attract and retain the right salespeople.
• Determine what sales coaching or executive coaching program is right for you and your sales or sales management team.
• Get into bigger accounts, set up more qualified appointments with decision makers all the way up the C-Level chain to the CEO.
• Set up a prospecting and cold calling strategy that works and deliver presentations that drive more sales.
• Create a more effective company approach to sales management training, training for sales managers and time management for an efficient sales staff
• Master your time, adopt to the new rules of engagement and win in today's economy.

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Our Management Training and Sales Training Solutions Touch Every Part of Our World: Over the last 25 years, we have delivered our management coach training programs and sales training programs to the global audience on six continents in over 35 countries. Keith Rosen and Profit Builders have been pioneers in the coaching and training industry since its inception, especially as it relates to management coach training, sales training, executive coaching, sales coaching, coaching executives to develop teams of sales champions as well as providing sales leaders a coach the coach program for executives who manage managers. Here are just a few of the top US cities we’ve worked in. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Austin, Columbus, Fort Worth, Charlotte, Detroit, Baltimore, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Louisville, Milwaukee, Portland, Las Vegas, Fresno, Long Beach, Kansas City, Atlanta, Colorado Springs, Omaha, Raleigh, Miami, Tulsa, Oakland, Minneapolis and Arlington,Texas. The past few years have been exciting times for Profit Builders, as we have extended our reach and delivered our award winning management coach training and sales training programs in places such as India, South Africa, Rome, Italy, Paris, London, Tokyo, Madrid, Lisbon, Munich, Brussels, Spain, Moscow, Egypt, Prague, Singapore, Ireland, Germany, China, Turkey, Dubai, Malaysia, Korea, Brazil, China, South America and many more countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Meet Our CEO: Keith Rosen

An award winning columnist, keynote speaker and internationally acclaimed, bestselling author, Keith has written several books including the award winning, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, winner of five International Best Book Awards. Keith is the winner of the Stevie Award and was recognized as The Sales Education Leader of the Year. As a pioneer and a leader in the coaching profession, Inc. magazine and Fast Company named Keith as one of the five most respected and influential executive coaches. He's been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., Fortune, The New York Times, Selling Power, CBSNews.com, The Wall Street Journal and Sales and Marketing Management and has been a frequent guest on Channel 12 News. In addition, Keith sits on the advisory board for several editorial boards and technology companies and was recently inducted in the Sales Hall of Fame for his outstanding contributions in the areas of selling and leadership. Contact Form

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Keith tweets from all over the world his sales tips, ideas on how to manage salespeople, coaching for managers, cold calling tips, how to close a sale, time management tips, how to hire and retain top people, training for managers, executive coaching and sales coaching ideas, including global insights from delivering his management coach training and sales training programs.

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