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I Don’t Have Time!

The Art of Getting Everything Done to THRIVE!

Need more time? Ever lose a sale or client due to poor follow up? Are you as productive and organized as you'd like to be? Do you find it challenging to manage and prioritize all of your tasks? Wish you had more 'face time' with prospects, customers and your staff and less 'desk time' playing catch up? If you’re ready to reduce the stress and chaos that results from poor planning, learn the secrets of successful time management and eliminate your daily workload while maintaining a healthy, enjoyable balance in your life.

In this program you'll discover how to design and follow a highly effective routine that complements your goals, lifestyle and priorities. This will allow you to focus on and complete the activities that support your objectives and goals - and enhance the quality of your life. Keith will introduce you to a step-by-step process that will allow you to identify a series of focused, defined actions and tasks that serve you best, to create a winning routine. This will enable you to generate meaningful, long lasting results each day.

This program is packed with real life examples, case studies, templates, action steps and exercises that will empower your audience to:

Reduce your daily workload.
• Maintain your focus, reduce distractions and reach bigger, more rewarding goals quickly.
Eliminate stress, get hyper-organized and do more of the things you really want.
• Remove the clutter and chaos from your life while you eliminate the problems and "Hidden Overhead" that slow down productivity, causes stress and wastes time, money and energy.
Complete your never-ending "to-do" list.
Identify your time killers and eliminate what you don't want to be doing.
• Shift from time management to self management – what you can control
• Finally get comfortable letting more of your workload go by becoming a master at safe and effective delegation

Whether you're a manager, salesperson, non selling professional or in an operational role, I Don’t Have Time! is customized around your audience and their job function. While there are actionable items and exercises participants engage in (rather than just theoretical ideas and philosophy), you can also expect communication training, as it is an integral part of time management as well, especially when having to delegate effectively, while also prioritizing and protecting your time by better managing other people’s expectations. I Don’t Have Time! is not only very interactive but it also has a strong coaching component. That is; it’s not only about up-skilling participants around better ‘self’ management but also how they can upgrade their relationship with time!

Content And Delivery: Participant Driven Seminars: We delivers participant driven, highly interactive programs that focus on a holistic approach to becoming hyper efficient by identifying not only the specific activities and tactical approach needed to maximize each day but also the relationship people have with time and they way they think about it. That is, their attitude and mindset. Focusing on only one of these two critical areas leads to developing only half the sales champion you can be.

**MEASURABLE OBJECTIVES AND TAKE-AWAYS** Participants will leave this event with having achieved measurable worthwhile outcomes:

1. Participants will leave with an actual template of a newly developed routine and daily success schedule that will maximize their time, leverage their activities, best manage other people’s expectations, reduce and even eliminate diversionary tactics and distractions and measurably accelerate their productivity and efficiency.

2. Participants will leave with a renewed, healthier way of thinking as it relates to their relationship with time, shifting the paradigm from making time your adversary to making time your greatest ally. Myths and misperceptions around time management will be dispelled and replaced with the positive mindset and way of thinking top producers possess that leads to a long term change in their behavior.


• Online Diagnostics
a. Time Management Assessment:
b. Adrenaline Assessment:
c. Program Assessment: What You Would Like To See Covered and Your Expectations
• Participant Handbook
• Keith Rosen's Book
• to Develop Routine Worksheet To Track Activities
• Worksheet To List and Categorize All Activities
• Preliminary Fieldwork and Exercises Prior to the Event

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