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Become Fully Accountable For Your Success

By Keith Rosen MCC
'....Have you ever done something that you know is not in your best interest? Have you ever avoided doing something that is in your best interest? In either of these scenarios ....'
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Hooked On Chaos

By Keith Rosen MCC
'....You may have a drug problem. Many people today are hooked on a commonly abused, yet elusive drug whose widespread use seems to be flying under our radar. That drug of choi....'
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The Art of Letting Go

By Keith Rosen MCC
'....A master coach telling you to quit? To give up? Read on… "The most rain we've had in about 80 years!" That's what the news reported, fully expediting my lesson regardi....'
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Become Fearless

By Keith Rosen MCC
'....Although we may want to better our lives and accelerate our productivity, many of our decisions are governed by fear. We want more, but avoid risks, so we continually produce similar results over again. ....'
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The Secret to Building the Confidence of A Champion

By Keith Rosen MCC
'....Lacking some confidence? Do you suffer from low self-esteem? As you can imagine, there's no room at the champion roundtable for doubt or anything less than a winning attitude. So, how do these....'
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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Closing the Sale

Guide To Closing Sales Tap into this unique and proven, step by step approach that's going to give you the edge over your competition enabling you to align your selling approach with the prospect's preferred buying process and communication style without any pressure, manipulation, confrontation or having to use old school, gimmicky closing techniques. If you would like to receive notification and updates on Keith's upcoming book.


Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling

Guide To Cold Calling The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling is the closest thing to finding your "magic formula" for prospecting success. So, if you love to sell but hate to prospect, here's your opportunity to maximize your cold calling potential and boost your income by learning how to get in front of the right prospects in less time and create greater selling opportunities without the fear, pressure or anxiety associated with cold calling.


Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions

Guide To Closing Sales Winner of Five International Best Book Awards, the internationally acclaimed, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions is your answer to developing a coaching system any manager can use to enable your salespeople and managers to accelerate their performance-today. How many salespeople on your team are not realizing their full potential? Ineffective coaching and management of your A, B and especially your C underperforming players cost companies sales, time, turnover and money. When managers become better coaches, coaching becomes your competitive edge to foster long term, positive changes in behavior.


Breakthrough Results You Can Measure

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