The Focus & Goal Assessment

1. I Experience A Consistent Increase In My Income And Productivity.
2. My Life Is Set Up So That I'm Living My Ideal Life Now.
3. I Have Fun And Do Something I Enjoy Every Day Without Feeling That I Should Be Working Instead.
4. I Maintain A Healthy And Enjoyable Balance In My Personal And Professional Life.
5. I'm Stress Free And Permanently Eliminate Problems That Cost Time, Money And Energy.   Problems Don't Reappear.
6. I Achieve Goals Quickly And Efficiently Without Sacrifice. I Have A Clear, Mapped Out Path To Follow In Order To Attain them.
7. I Have Lots Of Free Time And Space To Enjoy My Life.
8. My "To Do" List Gets Completed Regularly/As Scheduled. I Don't Just Continually Add More Tasks To The List.
9. I End My Workdays Without Feeling Exhausted.
10. My Career Fulfills And Satisfies Me Vs. Consumes Me.
11. I Have Meaningful Relationships And People Who Support Me And Contribute To My Growth And Success. I've Gotten Rid Of All Toxic Relationships.
12. I'm Using The Internet To Help Build My Business/Career.
13. I Do Complete Work And Have No Lose Ends Or Unfinished Projects.
14. I Don't Feel As If Life Is A Struggle. Things Happen Easily For Me.
15. My Time Is Used Uncovering New Ways To Grow My Business/Career Vs. Solving Problems.
16. I Have A Clear Vision Of Where My Career/Business And Personal Life Will Be Five, Ten, Even Twenty Years From Now.
17. I Lead A High Performance, Self-Motivated Staff Without Having To Continually Push.
18. My Current Path Is Taking Me To Where I Want To Be.
19. I Don't Sacrifice Today For Something That I May Achieve In The Future.
20. I Don't Feel Guilty Saying "No." It's Easy For Me.
21. I Put My Personal/Family Needs First, Work Last.
22. Results Are Showing Up Fast Enough For Me.
23. I Ask For Help Immediately Without Struggling First.
24. I Do Not Take On More Work Than I Can Handle. There Are Other People To Do It.
25. I Measure Success In Other Ways Than By Financial Gains And Security.
26. I Have Self-Sustaining Systems In Place That Smoothly Run My Business Even When I'm Not There So That I Can Focus On Growing My Business Without Being A Slave To It.
27. I Leave Work At Work. When I'm Home, I'm Not Preoccupied With Work.
28. I Know My Limits And Don't Burn Out. I Don't Keep Going When I Want To Stop.
29. I Don't Feel Guilty If I Put In Less Than A 10-Hour Workday.
30. I'm A Team Player Vs. A "Lone Ranger" And Happily Assist Others Without Incurring A Personal Cost To Me.
31. I'm Well Positioned In My Field Or Industry.
32. I Maintain My Focus When Working Towards My Goals. I'm Not Easily Distracted.
33. I've Adopted Learning As Part Of My Lifestyle. I Recognize And Embrace The Growth Opportunities In Front Of Me And Usually Get The Lessons The First Time Around.
34. I Have An Easy Time Finding Good Employees. Employee Turnover Is Limited.
35. My Finances Are In Order And Where I'd Like Them To Be. I Have A Financial Plan (Savings, Retirement, Investments, Etc.) In Place.
36. I'm Healthy And Feel Physically fit.

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