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Do you love your career?

Is it taking you where you ultimately want to be? Are you ready to attract your dream career; one that's aligned with your passions, strengths and talents? Do you have a strategy to easily transition from one career to the next with the least amount of risk or worry? Do you have a passion that you'd like to express in your career?

The fact is, over 90% of all people in the workplace are not truly happy or satisfied with their career. Compound this with the dramatic changes in our economy and in our society, its no wonder that many of us are asking ourselves, "Now what do I do?" while looking for more certainty in an uncertain world. Managers are expected to enhance productivity with fewer people. Increased global competition is demanding that people move faster and produce greater results in less time.

To find your dream job or a healthier way to respond to the career you currently have, its critical to take the time to define what your ideal career looks like instead of trying to fit into someone else's agenda. Consider that we spend about one third of our life at work. So, whether you're looking to transition into a new career, maximize the career path you're currently on, or were recently laid off, it's time to enjoy your career and design it so that it enhances your life rather than consumes you.

After Working With A Career Coach, You'll Be Able To:

  • Maximize and enjoy your current career path or find one that better serves you.
  • Learn how to work with an unreasonable boss. (And not allow them to rob you of your energy!)
  • Dramatically increase your performance and productivity.
  • Identify and attract your dream job without pushing to find one that you hope fits you.
  • Discover your passions and natural strengths so that you can align them with your priorities and a career you love.
  • Effortlessly transition into the career that's best for you by creating an exit and entrance strategy that complements your lifestyle.
  • Take charge of any conversation to generate the results you want, without the struggle.
  • Speak powerfully and confidently with anyone and make a great first impression during a job interview or within your workplace.
  • Boost your level of self-confidence and take charge of your life so you can attract greater opportunities and people towards you.
  • Fearlessly handle confrontation, conflicts and disagreements by working towards a mutually beneficial outcome.
  • Strengthen relationships with co-workers.
  • Maintain a successful level of performance and productivity in your career AND a fulfilling personal life.
  • Plan for change, create your "Back-up plan" and take control of your destiny, rather than leaving it up to chance.


Whether you're looking for personalized one-on-one or group coaching, all of our programs can be delivered either on site or via the telephone in the comfort of your home or office. Materials and career assessment tools can also be provided.

  • Maintain your focus on implementation so that you can set and reach bigger, more rewarding goals quickly and efficiently.
  • Create a company vision and mission that ignites your passion and motivates you to take your dream from idea to fruition; one that your staff is pulled towards rather than pushed to achieve.
  • Develop and maintain a healthy and enjoyable balance between your personal and professional life.
  • Make better decisions and take more productive actions by becoming more responsive than reactive.
  • Become a better manager and lead a high performance, self-motivated team that takes the initiative without having to constantly push.
  • Develop THE EDGE that separates you from your competitors who are all saying the exact same thing! Reduce employee turnover.
  • Open up new revenue streams and uncover new marketing and partnership opportunities.
  • Exceed your sales goals and close more sales in less time.
  • Get the most out of your staff by building and coaching a high performance, self motivated team.
  • Master time management and eliminate at least two hours of your daily workload.
  • Utilize proven, attention-grabbing templates to draft compelling voice mails, letters and emails that get more callbacks.
  • Discover the nine steps to making fear your ally so that you can remain upbeat and positive, handle rejection like a pro and become unstoppable!
  • Craft the Compelling Reasons that would motivate a prospect to speak with you.
  • Maintain your focus, reduce distractions and reach bigger, more rewarding goals quickly.
  • Eliminate stress, get hyper-organized, enjoy selling and still have a balanced life!
  • Create a step-by-step selling, prospecting and follow up system that runs on autopilot.
  • Develop your MVP (Most Valuable Proposition™) to out-sell your competition.
  • Generate tons of referrals from your customers, without hounding them.
  • Improve your meeting rate with qualified prospects and avoid those who aren't qualified, rather than playing the "numbers game."
  • Prevent and defuse initial objections such as, "I'm not interested," "We don't have any money now" or "Call me back later."
  • Develop the right questions that sell and uncover new selling opportunities in seconds so that you can stop wasting precious time on the wrong prospects.
  • Boost your self-confidence and take charge of your life.
  • Develop a strategy to transition from your current job to your dream job with the least amount of risk or worry.
  • Identify and eliminate the selling headaches and most common selling mistakes that EVERY salesperson makes that are costing you sales, time and energy.

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