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Cold Calling Template

Even seasoned salespeople are put off by cold calling. Profit Builders' Keith Rosen suggests the following template as a starting point.

Opening Statement

Hi________ (state their name)?

(Prospect: Yes.)

(Your name)___________ here from _____________(Company name). Do you have a quick minute?

Great! ________, I'm sure you are a busy and want to respect your time, so I'll be brief. The reason for my call is this. We specialize in (working with small business owners, salespeople, managers, etc.) so that you/they can:

State Your Compelling Reason - (The End Result Of The Benefit You Offer)

Well, Mr./Mrs... Smith, depending on what you are currently doing, I don't know whether you have a need or an interest in our services. But with your permission, I was hoping to ask you a few questions and see if there is anything we are doing that you could benefit from. Would you be comfortable spending just a few minutes with me if I stick to my timetable?

Needs Analysis:

(Remember, if there's no 'pain' or problem or a clear opportunity to improve their current situation, there's no reason for the prospect to meet with you/take the next step in your sales process.)




4. If you could create the ideal solution for (XXX), what about your current product/service would you like to improve or change?

5. If you could magically eliminate three of your biggest problems, headaches or stresses what would they be?

6. How do these challenges affect you/your business (bottom line)?

Summarize and Confirm:

1. "For my own understanding, what you are truly saying is...

(Recap what the prospect shared with you; their problems, challenges, and objectives.)

Is that accurate/correct?

2. Would it be safe to say that if there was a way for you to:

· Restate biggest obstacle. (Example: Overcome the challenge/obstacle/problem of..)

· Restate their most important goal or objective they shared with you.

It would be worth exploring/discussing in more detail?

3. Schedule Next Step:

"Then lets get together for (state timeline. Ex: twenty minutes) to see if there's a fit. I will answer your questions, share with you several options as well as demonstrate how our product/service will specifically address your challenges/objectives. Mr./Mrs.________, do you have your calendar handy? What day would be good for you, towards the beginning or the end of the week?

"Do mornings or afternoons work better for you?"

Once you determine the meeting time, continue with:

Fantastic. I'm looking forward to meeting with you on ____at ____.

(Confirm all decision makers.)

Thanks. Have a great day!

Develop a masterful prospecting system you can put on autopilot.

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The Best Book for Mastering Cold Calling Keith has an amazing ability to partner with the reader to break down the fears he/she can have cold calling. He does this by giving the reader the tools to create a cold-calling process making the calls not-so-cold. By focusing on a quality, well-laid out process and not just the possible end result, he helps the reader reduce (and eventually eliminate) the fear in cold calling. He can help the reader come up with scripts using an individual's natural language, draw up probing questions to evaluate prospects, and establish a routine to enable the reader to continuously keep that prospecting pipeline full--the key to any salesperson's on-going success. Keith is a wonderful teacher, who currently uses the tactics he teaches--high on the credibility chart in my book. I have had success using Keith's process and I encourage anyone else who cold calls to get a copy of this book. A truly wonderful book that is easy to digest and implement--if you are committed to being successful! Published on Amazon by Lisa Rangal

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Not Just About Cold Calling But New Prospecting Ideas, Too! Who hasn't at some point in his or her career sat staring at the phone, paralyzed at the prospect of picking up the receiver and making that dreaded call? For most of us, cold calling is the weakest link in our chain of selling effectiveness. This book puts it all together, step-by-step, and shows you how to turn this greatest of challenges into your own personal secret weapon. Plus other outstanding prospecting ideas that will help bring in even more business. There is very, very good stuff here, on every page. This book should be required reading for every business person everywhere. Published on Amazon by Keith Harmeyer

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With Keith by Your Side, Cold Calling Works! Despite what some talking heads may say, cold calling works. I've read both the "anti-cold calling" books as well as Mr. Rosen's books, and I can say that the arguments clearly lean in Mr. Rosen's favor. The "never cold call again" groups really address similar stuff that Mr. Rosen does, which leads me to believe that their position is more a matter of savvy marketing, driven to sell books, rather than anything revolutionary.

With that said, cold calling doesn't work...that is, unless you have a method that provides you with measurable results. And that's precisely what Mr. Rosen's book gives you. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling, is one of those essential books that never has a chance to rest on a shelf and collect dust.

In my experience, I was stuck. I had been cold calling for a couple of years and found myself in a telemarketing quandary. Mr. Rosen's book couldn't have come at a better time. He combines a precise, no-nonsense message with words that are easy on the eyes. His book is equal parts practical guide and motivational tool. I particularly appreciated the time he commits to the psychology of selling. The emphasis on process goals (a book he should write next) is a new look at the outcome-driven goals that many of us were taught to follow.

I read Mr. Rosen's book and committed time to completing his exercises and following his techniques. Two weeks later, I scheduled five qualified appointments. Why do I say "qualified"? Before I read his book, I focused on setting up the appointment. I'd meet with prospects, but after all the driving and time spent in an office, often, the only thing I had to show for my effort was a wrinkled shirt that required dry cleaning. Using Mr. Rosen's book as a guide, matters quickly turned around for me. I met with people that were ready to close because I qualified them over the phone. I wish I had his book three years ago. (To think of all the gas I would have saved!)

If you've doubted your skills, needed some fresh ideas, or are new to the cold calling process, buy The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling. Once you do, you'll soon have a book that has a worn down spine, pages loaded with Post-its, and a cover that refuses to stay shut--just like mine. Published on Amazon by Osamu I.

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Increase in Selling and Sales Great book. Breaks down Cold Calling to the simplest ideas and then takes on each one. Humanizes common problems everyone faces. Covers cold calling fears, prospecting, finding individual strengths in ones market, objections, pre-call planning, rejection, networking......many more subjects. Comprehensive and easy to follow. Many exercises and questions to help develop individual strengths and overcome weaknesses. Keith shows how a person can improve their selling and make more sales in a short amount of time.
Published on Amazon by T. O'Brien

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An Absolue Winning Book on Cold Calling I purchased this book in hopes of finding a good resource to help me overcome my anxiety to cold call. I was not dissapointed! This book is well organized, and it begins by telling you that the term "cold calling" is nothing more than a mindset, and can be overcome by anyone. It went on to address fears, and actually rewiring your brain so that you can overcome any preconceived attitudes you may posess. It is extremely well organized, and gives wonderful examples of real-life selling situations, and how to overcome them. This is the absolue best book I have read on the subject, and highly recommend it to anyone to overcome the stigma attached to cold calling. After reading this book, I will never cold call again!
Published on Amazon by Steven B Snook

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Stark Logic Although only 14 pages deep into Keith Rosen's,"The Complete Idiot's Guide To Cold Calling", it is clearly evident that the content quality of this work is superb,both in logic and presentation.The intellectual level of the content is particularly striking. Overall, the work is judged ideally compatible with the needs of professionals seeking to succeed in markets where participants are relatively sophisticated,or beyond.
Published 7 months ago by M. Halsey

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Cold Calling Template and Cold Call Script

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